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Huber Street SGO Newsletter


Huber Street School

Student Government Organization


Welcome to the new year!  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  The SGO has many exciting dress down days coming up over the next several weeks.  Please encourage your child to participate and show school spirit.  As always, if you’d like to share a picture of your child(ren) participating, feel free to send a picture to Mrs. O’Connor at  The photo will be posted on the school website and Facebook page.  

❄️⛄️January EVENTS⛄️❄️

“COLOR WITH KINDNESS” - On Friday, January 15, each student will be wearing a color shirt based on their grade level.  Please encourage your child to participate and send pictures to Mrs. O’Connor.  We would love to make a collage of our Huber Rainbow.

Pre-K: Wear RED        Kindergarten: Wear Orange    1st Grade: Wear Yellow

2nd Grade: Wear Green    3rd Grade: Wear Blue        4th Grade: Wear Purple

5th Grade: Wear Multi-color or Tie-Dye 

    Sending some Love & Appreciation 

Starting Friday, January 15, the SGO will be collecting cards and letters for our healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, etc.  Your child can make a card or write a letter (do not include your name).  The card or letter can then be dropped off at the Main Entrance of Huber Street School.  A mailbox will be placed outside for your child to put his or her card inside.  The mailbox will remain outside of school until Thursday, February 11.