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Mission Statement

Huber St. School is a community school serving the families located in the northern end of Secaucus. Our school has an enrollment of over 625 students ranging from grades Pre- K to Grade five. Huber Street School prides itself in providing an active learning  environment, a caring and professional staff, and a committed and involved PTA.


The home and the school partnership has always been an important aspect of our educational process. Parental involvement is essential in guaranteeing a successful and productive school year to our children. Those parents who become actively involved in their children's education  and are aware  that quality time can be applied to their daily assignments will  have fostered and nurtured  academic achievement. Recently research reveals  that when teachers and parents  develop a cooperative, collaborative relationship, the student's scholastic performance and accomplishments will improve.

Huber Street Elementary School actively involves the community and encourages all parents to participate in their children's education. We,as educators, feel that educational programs with strong, comprehensive, enduring parental involvement elicit much more successful student success and performance in learning. 

We are very proud of Millridge School which is the Pre K school.  Here, our early learners begin their informal education which will lead them to academic success as they become new readers and learn the basics of our school environment.  We at Huber Street School are proud of our heritage as a caring and nurturing environment for all our students.  Our children are our only priority.