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Important School Information

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The Secaucus School district takes seriously the responsibility to educate students and prepare them to meet their life goals. This cannot be done effectively when inappropriate clothing or hairstyles create a disruption to the educational process. Students will dress in a modest and appropriate manner.  Specific standards are those of decency, cleanliness, safety, good grooming, and non-interference with teaching and learning.


The Secaucus Board of Education requires all students to wear school uniforms on a daily basis, including field trips. Students are to arrive at school wearing the appropriate clothing as defined in the dress code. The following is a list of clothing items in compliance with the uniform policy.


Approved Uniform Attire for Clarendon/Huber Street Schools








  • Polo Shirt - Red/White/Navy:  Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve
  • Turtle Neck - Red/White/Navy (NO EMBLEMS OR LOGO)
  • Sweater - Red/White/Navy:  V-neck, Crew neck, Cardigan or Vest
  • Sweat Shirt - Red/White/Navy:  Crew Neck (NO HOOD)
  • Fleece - Red/Navy:  Zippered Front or Pullover (NO HOOD)
  • Jumper - Navy/Khaki:  Cotton/Cotton-Polyester
  • Peter Pan Blouse - White (NO LOGO)



  • Pants - Navy/Khaki:  Cotton/Cotton-Polyester (NO CARGO PANTS OR LEGGINGS)
  • Shorts - Navy/Khaki:  Cotton/Cotton-Polyester
  • Skirt - Navy/Khaki:  Cotton/Cotton-Polyester
  • Skort - Navy/Khaki:  Cotton/Cotton-Polyester
  • Capris - Navy/Khaki:  Cotton/Cotton-Polyester
  • Socks & Tights - Navy/Khaki/White/Red, Solid Color 



  • Shoes must be securely fastened with a backing to the feet.  Flip-flops, slippers, uggs and slide shoes are not permitted.
  • Sneakers are strongly recommended.


**Please note: Shorts

All students are permitted to wear knee-length shorts until October 31st and again in the spring beginning April 15th, in a docker style in navy or khaki. Athletic shorts should reach the end of the fingertip in length. 


Additional Information

    • Logo - “Secaucus School District”- Embroidered on the left breast.  
    • “Secaucus Patriots” embroidery is not permitted to be worn at the Elementary School Level.
    • Lettering - White Lettering on navy and red garments, red or navy lettering on white garments. 
    • Crew Neck - T-Shirts may be worn under polo shirts and/or sweaters. Peter Pan Blouses may be worn under sweaters or jumpers.
  • Clarendon/Huber Street Physical Education T-Shirt: Red, white, or blue (Sold by PTA only)


Optional Item:  

Track and Field shirts distributed by the schools’ PTA may be worn on gym days. Gym uniform warm-up to be worn on days that children have gym. Navy jog pants w/stripe and navy jog jacket w/stripe embroidered with SECAUCUS SCHOOL DISTRICT LOGO. 


Jeans are not permitted to be worn on any day unless designated by the school Principal as a special event or fundraiser.

Ordering Information - Uniform Vendors 

School Code numbers:

Secaucus High School 900114331

Clarendon School 900114349

Huber Street School 900114323

Secaucus Middle School 900114356