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The Secaucus School District seeks to develop lifelong learners who value knowledge and understanding. Our schools are places of innovation where teachers, staff, and students alike are encouraged to be curious and take risks in teaching and learning. Our staff work closely with one another to model a culture of collaboration and open communication. We value rigorous learning and high academic achievement for all students, and we believe there are many pathways to success.

Elementary students spend time each day mastering Language Arts and Mathematics skills, along with Science and Social Studies. Students participate in Physical Education, Health, Music, Art, Spanish, Computer and Library classes on a weekly basis as well.

Our Pre-K - 5 curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, integrating technology and interdisciplinary learning opportunities across all subjects. Students participate in a variety of opportunities to engage with learning outside the classroom.

Curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure that students are meeting the highest academic standards and are gaining the skills they need to thrive. This includes developing students' proficiency with critical thinking, problem solving, research, technology, collaboration, literacy, leadership, and wellness.