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4th Grade Glossary

conservation of energy: energy cannot be created or destroyed; energy can only transfer from one place to another, or be changed from one form to another
direct force: a force where objects are touching each other
energy: the potential to do work
energy transfer: energy shifting between kinetic and potential energy; when energy moves from place to place
force: a push or a pull on an object
function: the job of a structure; what a structure does
indirect force: a force where objects are not touching, but energy is still being transferred through forces
information processing: how information from our environments create a reaction; follows the steps sensory reception, integration, and response
integration: the brain interpreting information that is coming in by sensory receptors
kinetic energy: energy that exists due to motion
memory: ability to remember what a response to a stimulus will be
organism: any living plant or animal
potential energy: energy that depends on the position of an object; stored energy
response: a reaction to a stimuli, which comes after integration
sensory receptor: nerves in our body parts that detect stimuli in our environment
stimulus: anything that causes a reaction from a plant or animal
structure: a body part of a plant or animal
total mechanical energy: the addition of kinetic and potential energy; the total amount of energy
tropism: a plant's response to a stimulus