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3rd Grade Glossary

atmosphere: all of the gases around Earth; where weather happens
balanced force: an even amount of force is applied on either side of an object
climate: a description of the average weather of a place for a long amount of time
cloud: a collection of dust and water vapor in the sky
distance: a measurement of how far away an object is
electric force: when positive & negative charges interact with each other
force: a push or a pull
friction: force from two surfaces rubbing against each other
front: when different air masses meet; can be either a warm front or a cold front
gravitational force: when two objects physically attract each other by "pulling" on each other
magnetic force: when objects are attracted or repelled by a magnet
meteorologist: scientists who study weather and create weather predictions
motion: movement of an object, caused by a force
net force: the total force applied on an object
non-contact force: when objects apply a force on each other without actually touching
precipitation: rain, sleet, snow, or hail
speed: how fast or slow an object is going
temperature: a measure of the heat absorbed by the Earth; how hot or cold it is
thermometer: an instrument used to measure temperature
time: how long it takes to do something
unbalanced force: an uneven amount of force is applied on either side of an object
water cycle: movement of water around Earth; evaporation, condensation, precipitation, accumulation
weather: a description of the current conditions of the atmosphere in a place for a short amount of time