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News & Announcements

Lego Club

It is time for Mrs. Celebrano's Class to enjoy Mr. Bonin’s Lego club.

The third graders enjoyed showcasing their LEGO projects. They created Lego structures themed around winter.

Picture 1 (Left) - Reyansh Arora
Middle Picture - James Olivo
Picture 3 (Right) - Atharv Banagude

Visits with Oakley

Oakley visits are the best visits! Secaucus Police Department

Secaucus Police Department’s therapy dog Oakley and Officer Ensmann have made Huber Street School’s VIP list. Nothing but smiling faces and wagging tails seen here.

Mrs. Pianko is thrilled with having Oakley join in her classes. Oakley has brought nothing but joy and comfort into the lives of students at Huber.


The weeks before our winter break were filled with a different kind of drawing. With no erasing, seeing objects in angles or maybe learning the “rounding technique “ in our ETCH-A- SKETCH CHALLENGE!! The students in all grade levels created- Homes, Crayon Boxes, Snowmen, Turtles, Christmas Trees and even some Castles, all in six minute time segments! They are amazing!

Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2022

Reminder: Monday, January 3, 2022 school resumes instruction.

There is a one-session day taking place from January 3rd through January 7th. The dismissal time is 12:30 p.m.

PTA Holiday Bazaar Success

Thank you to the Huber Street School PTA for holding a wonderful Holiday Bazaar! The members of the PTA worked very hard this year to make this event happen and run successfully. The students loved shopping for holiday goodies, that will in return, support our school.

Thank you to the families who were able to have their student shop! Your support and kindness is what keeps our school community a great place.

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