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Mrs. Curry’s 4th Grade

Mrs. Curry’s class works on their monthly Crack the Code, where students use their creativity, communication skills, and collaboration abilities in order to complete six challenges within each breakout revealing a final hidden clue
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Mrs.Critelli’s Third Grade

Students in Mrs.Critelli’s 3rd grade class enjoyed exploring story elements, while reading “Kumak’s Fish: A Tale from the Far North.” The story is about Kumak snagging a large fish, and needing the entire village to help bring it in. This original tall tale is set in the Arctic and has light-hearted illustrations that add vigor and glee to the playful story.
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School Violence Awareness Week

Monday, October 21, 2019, is the kick-off to School Violence Awareness Week. Students can wear a shirt with a peace sign, a tie-dye shirt or a colorful shirt of their choice with their uniform bottoms.
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Omegaman & Friends was a unique school assembly presentation

What a wonderful assembly for Huber St today!.

As a part of “The Week of Respect”, the Anti-Bullying and Character Development message was carried through superhero characters, “Omegaman & Friends,” presenting an image that children can look up too!

The superhero identity captured the students’ attention and taught them to hold onto their dreams.

Be a H.E.R.O. – Helping Everyone Respect Others
Bullying – Identify, Respond, Prevent & Bystander
Be a Dream-Maker not a Dream-Breaker
Hold on to your Dreams. You’re not a quitter.
Power of your words.
Making Positive Choices
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A Tree Tastic time was had by all at Huber Street School! On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Huber Street School hosted our first Family Science NIght! Second grade students and their families joined us for an exciting and educational evening in cooperation with the Meadowlands Environment Center. Students had the unique opportunity to rotate through five hands-on art, writing, and science learning stations
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Fire Safety

October is Fire Safety Month. Thank you to the Secaucus Fire Department for coming into our school and talking with the students. Here is a look at the students at Millridge Fire Safety enjoying their Fire Safety Assembly.
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Curry’s Bakery

Welcome to Curry’s Get PIE'ED Bakery where author's purpose is our focus. Mrs. Curry and Miss Bonner have been teaching their chefs how to identity patterns to better analyze a text, and well, that may or may not have come with a few pies in the face
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