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Read Across America

Huber Street School's Read Across America will take place on March 2nd-March 6th. Please join us in celebrating by participating in the following school-wide spirit days!
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5th Grade LEGO Challenge

On Thursday, February 27, Eric Scarduffa Principal Engineer and Christian Skawski Space Program Manager of Marotta Controls The company creates and makes the valves for the engines for NASA's Space Shuttles, came to present the importance of their jobs in the engineering field. They both informed, guided, and advised the 5th grade students on their LEGO Space Shuttle Challenge projects this year.
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2020 Extended School Year Program

The Secaucus Summer 2020 Extended School Year will run 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) from Monday, July 13th to Thursday, August 13th at Clarendon School.

If your child is eligible for our Extended School Year Program, look under "Parents" at the top of the website, or click this, for details.
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