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Huber Art

The second grade classes at Huber Street created their own woven tapestries, using patterned paper that they designed. They learned the terms ~ warp, weft, weave.
In the words of Carole King~ A Wondrous Woven Magic....

Character Club

The Character Club has been hard at work creating a Character Education Presentation to share. #SecaucusPride

Huber St School Student Government

The Huber St SGO asked the families of our school to help them create a holiday tree. The tree was placed outside of Huber and students, with their families, adorned the holiday tree. The SGO also ran a Food Pantry Collection. Thanks to all who participated.

Happy Holidays from the SGO #SecaucusPride

Parents and Caregivers,

In collaboration with your school leaders and teachers, we are eager to support your children’s learning in and out of school. We at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University recognize that you are working tirelessly to support your child’s reading and writing, and we want to help. To that end, we have created free offerings for families. We hope these will bring more joy into home literacy learning. We will be adding to these regularly; check this page for updates and additions! One note - our first office hours for families are this Wednesday, December 16th and Thursday, December 17th, both from 8-9 pm. Here’s what we have overall to support you:

Family Videos
In these family videos—each less than ten minutes—we draw on a combination of research, classroom experience, and educator knowledge to help you support young people with their reading and writing. Some of these videos show you games to play at home while others help you support phonics, avid reading, writing, study skills, research, vocabulary, or abstract thinking. We’ll add to this collection regularly. You can access these collections via our YouTube Channel or Padlets: Pr-K-2nd Grade, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-9.

Book Collections
Want help finding some books your child will love to read? We’ve curated book collections of all-time and brand-new favorites, designed to hook readers young and old. We have lists for fantasy novels and graphic novels, for high interest series, and even a collection of courses of study for your teen readers. Find these collections here.

Office Hours for Parents and Caregivers: Ask a Literacy Expert
Have questions about your child’s reading or writing? Talk over Zoom with Lucy Calkins and experienced Reading and Writing Project faculty. These office hours are free and open to all, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Registration information is found here.

-Grades Pre-K-2 Families: Wednesdays 8-9 PM EST
Dates: December 16, January 6, January 13, January 20 (with more to come!)
-Grades 3-9 Families: Thursdays 8-9 PM EST
Dates: December 17, January 7, January 14, January 21 (with more to come!)

You might…
Check in about your child’s literacy development.
Ask what you can do (and should not do) to support your child at home with particular literacy issues, or in general as reader and writer.
Inquire about what to expect across developmental stages in reading, writing or language acquisition, early to later years.

Parent and Caregiver Workshop Days (free, synchronous, virtual)
If you’d like to learn more about ways to support your child’s literacy education at home, or learn more about what or how they are learning in school, or how to best engage in home literacy projects, consider attending part or all of our virtual workshop days for parents. These free days are typically about 3 hours, composed of a series of 15-minute small-group presentations. Parents and caregivers can choose the workshops that match their needs and are invited to come for one workshop or many. These sessions are not recorded; the days are live. Registration information will be posted here.
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